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Ally’s Ponto Pro Has A Story

Melissa Tumblin, Executive Director of Ear Community and Founder of the Facebook Microtia and Atresia Support Group, makes sure that her daughter Ally’s Ponto Pro has a story that she is proud of. Because Ally has Microtia and Atresia, Melissa decided it would be a great learning experience for Ally to decorate her Ponto with stickers of the Microtia butterfly.

“Microtia is a monophyletic genus of butterflies from southern USA and Central America in the family Nymphalidae that contains the species Elf (Microtia elva)*.”

Click each photo to see it enlarged below.

*[Source: Wikipedia]

Announcing the Winner of “Pin Your Ponto”

Special Announcement: Congratulations to our “Pin Your Ponto” contest winner, Sarah Sabal, age 12. We love Sarah’s personalized Ponto with pearls and hearts– just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sarah Sabal, age 12

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! Keep an eye on the blog, our Facebook Page and on our Twitter account for more contests and chances to win!

Have you personalized your Ponto? We’d love to see a photo!

Want to learn more about Sarah? Here’s a look back at where she began her journey:

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