Live with Kris Siwek


Here’s the recording of our hangout session with Kris. Keep an eye out for our next hangout, we’ll be announcing the topic and day/time soon!


Have you read Kris Siwek’s inspiring story? You can read it here. And, even better yet, we’ll be talking with Kris live tomorrow, March 22, at 1pm EST on Google+ Hangouts On Air.

You can join us live on Google+ here.

We’ll also embed the video into this blog post. So when you come here tomorrow at 1pm EST, you’ll see the video feed and our live chat with Kris.

The hangout will appear about 10 minutes before we get started at 1pm.

Do you have questions for Kris? Join us and ask your questions through the chat in the Google Hangout or on Twitter by @mentioning @OticonMedical.

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