Oticon Medical Expands Beyond Bone Anchored Hearing Solutions

We’re excited to share the acquisition of Neurelec, because it brings new capabilities in Cochlear Implants. With the acquisition of Neurelec SA by parent company William Demant Group, Oticon Medical enters a strategically important growth area for hearing implant technology. Neurelec is a pioneer in cochlear implant technology that benefits people with severe to profound hearing loss. Cochlear implant technology represents a natural next step for Oticon Medical, a company that in just three years has captured nearly a quarter of the world market in bone anchored hearing solutions for conductive or mixed hear- ing loss and single-sided deafness. The integration of Neurelec’s cochlear implant expertise with Oticon’s strengths in audiology, signal processing and wireless technology creates the potential for highly innovative products. These synergies, combined with the considerable reach of Oticon Medical’s international distribution network, will increase the ability to bring treatment and successful outcomes to more patients than ever before.

Jes Olsen, President of Oticon Medical

“Oticon Medical and Neurelec are a great strategic fit. Together, they enable us to bring more expertise, more experience and more patient-centered innovation to a healthcare arena with growing patient demand,” says Oticon Medical President Jes Olsen. “Cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing solutions address different patient groups, and the two product areas complement and extend each other perfectly. Our focus has con- sistently been on solutions for users that have the strongest needs and we can now offer our professional partners a broader range of implant hearing technology with exceptional sound quality, enhanced aesthetics, user friendliness and reliability.”

The acquisition of Neurelec provides a solid platform for continued growth that optimizes each company’s core com- petencies in their respective areas of implant hearing care. Neurelec, head- quartered in Sophia Antipolis, France, has solid in-house R&D capabilities, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a reputation for high quality cochlear implant technology. The two companies will work closely to develop synergies and the present Neurelec organization in France will be preserved.

Oticon Medical will use the company’s considerable distribution power to support growth and increase share in a market for cochlear implants that has shown annual growth of more than 10% in the past several years. The acquisition gives Neurelec access to valuable resources within the William Demant Group including capital investment in the development of enhanced implant hearing technology for severe hearing losses. As businesses within the William Demant Group, both companies will also benefit from Oticon’s established manu- facturing and logistics infrastructure and 100-plus years of experience in audiology and sound processing and leadership in super power hearing solutions.

Oticon Medical distributes the Ponto Bone Anchored Hearing System to a worldwide network of physicians, audiologists and specialty clinics. Neurelec’s cochlear implants are sold to hospitals primarily in France and a few select markets. The ambition is to expand the cochlear implant business internationally and make Neurelec a global player. In the short term, the companies will continue to operate in their current markets and will use a market-by-market approach to reach out to more end-users worldwide.

For more information about Oticon Medical and Neurelec, please visit: Acquisition of Neurelec brings new capabilities in cochlear implants

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