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Quick Tips: 3 Handy Tips for Ponto Users from Ponto Users

One the best parts about Ponto users is their creativity and willingness to share their experiences with the community. So, we asked you for your best tips for new Ponto users, and here are three of our favorites from this week!

moistureSue Booth suggests a drying pot to keep Pontos in good working condition and moisture free. “Great for any climate, hot or cold, and handy for a little forgetful head spraying in the shower. Just take the battery out and leave the battery door open and pop inside,” Sue says. “You don’t have to buy expensive ones, mine has little tablets that soak up the moisture and changes to white when used so you know it’s time to change them. It’s also great to keep your Pontos safe over night as you sleep and less likely to lose them.” You’ll find more helpful tips for keeping you and your Ponto in top shape in this full Ponto care guide.

ponto and cell phonesHave you ever wondered about how Ponto works with cell phones and landlines? Alice Baker did– she asked: “Does Ponto Pro Power give feedback when using a cell phone and landline phone?” We let Alice know that all Ponto sound processors are fully compatible with mobile phones and wireless landline phones, so you can enjoy mobile communication without fear of noise or distortion. Now you know too! You can learn more about phone compatibility here.

Insurance Like many others, Karen Rodriguez had to do some ground work to get her insurance to cover her Ponto. Karen has had SSD since she was very small, and she had tried hearing aids and got undesirable results. Even though she was a perfect Ponto candidate, she still had to work to get covered. We connected Karen with our US Insurance support team. They were happy to assist Karen, who will now have her surgery in less than a week. Our insurance support team will be happy to support you too!

All of these quick tips and more can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Your posts help guide people through what can be a hard decision and a life-changing process. If you have a quick tip suggestion please leave it in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to share next week. And, keep your posts coming, they are quite literally changing people’s lives!

Always Improving: A Survey of Clinical Outcomes for the Ponto Bone Anchored Implant System

Do you ever wonder what happens after you get your Ponto? How do professionals work to make bone anchored surgeries better?

Well, at Oticon Medical, we conduct research and studies with other trusted professionals. One of our recent studies focuses on patients who have bone-anchored hearing systems to compare surgical techniques and look at outcomes.

Lead by Oticon Medical’s Ravi Sockalingam, Ph.D and Director of Clinical Research and Professional Relations, here’s a peak at the studies results:

Research Results

You can see the full set of outcomes here. 

How I Went from Angry to Advocate: Guest Post by Jim Buter

You may have read Jim’s story on the Oticon Medical website. But, there’s nothing like hearing the story directly from the source. Here’s how Jim describes his experience, and his advice to those looking to try a bone anchored hearing system. 

Jim Butler

I’ve counseled over 70 people individually in the last two years, plus many others at user meetings and online groups. When you read my story, you’ll see that a doctor’s error caused my Single-Sided Deafness (SSD). It took me some time to get over that and focus my energy on overcoming my deafness.

Fortunately, my doctor got another user to advise me. When everything eventually worked out well, I made up my mind to help other people like she helped me.

I had my surgery in early May 2010. When I decided to have the surgery, I chose the Ponto. I always tell people who are considering bone anchored hearing systems to do what I did– try both manufacturers. I tried both the Cochlear and the Oticon Medical units on a headband, and I felt that I got more intelligible volume with the Oticon Medical Ponto Pro. Second, I thought it looked much better and was easier to conceal in my hair, which I wanted to do.

Since then, with all the users groups I’ve participated in, I’ve developed a list of many benefits that the Ponto has over others.

In 2011, I acted as a tester for Oticon Medical’s new Ponto Pro Power while it was in development. Because I was a tester, and because I had become very active in their user groups, I got to keep my prototype Ponto Pro Power unit.

I can tell you that the Ponto Pro Power has even better volume and has zero feedback issues– it was a great addition to the Oticon Medical product offering.

As a potential Oticon Medical customer, current user thinking of upgrading or a parent looking for a solution, you can send me any questions you have about surgery, the processors, insurance….whatever, I’ll be pleased to answer them.

If you’d like to contact Jim please let us know in the comments section below, on Twitter or through a personal message on Facebook or by email.

Are you thinking of getting an upgraded processor? There’s no better time than now, we now have a special offer.

Children with Bone Anchored Devices– Creating a Supportive World

Last week, Melissa Tumblin, the Founder of Ear Community, posted a photo of her daughter, Ally, with her doll. In the photo, the two are wearing their Pontos together.

When Melissa had the idea to get Ally’s doll a Ponto, she reached out to Oticon Medical. Our team put our heads together to decide what would be best for the fun and supportive idea. Ally’s doll is now sporting a plastic model of a Ponto.

You can see Ally’s photos below. And, if you have a unique idea to help create a more supportive world for your child with a Ponto please let us know. We are all ears when it comes to making the experience around Ponto as great as it can possibly be. 

Quick Tips: 3 Handy Tips For Ponto Users

One the best parts about Ponto users, is their creativity and willingness to share their experiences with the community. So, we asked you for your best tips for new Ponto users, and here were three of our favorites!

1. Be Patient

PatienceYou might not realize it, but it takes a little time for Ponto users—and their friends and family—to adjust to all the new sounds they’re hearing. Clarice Henning Dalton reminds us to be patient as adjust to life filled with sounds. Great insight, thanks Clarice!

2. Give Yourself Reminders

Post ItWhile it may take some time for you to adjust to all the wonderful new sounds you’re hearing, one thing many Ponto users have appreciated, is how quickly you forget you’re even wearing one! This great, until, as Violetta E. Navas pointed out, you forget to take it off before hitting the shower! She suggests sticking up a reminder in the bathroom—great idea! Thanks Violetta!

3. Keep It Clean

Cotton SwabsIt probably goes without saying it’s important to keep your Ponto and the abutment site clean, but actually doing this may feel a bit awkward at first. Lyn Kolstern offers up a simple approach, using everyday cotton swabs to clean around the abutment, and to apply ointment in just the right spots. We love the simple approaches with everyday household items! Thanks Lyn!

Thanks to all our Facebook friends for all the great ideas! If you have any you’d like to share your ideas, we’d love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter.

Introducing Oticon Medical’s First Annual Essay & Photo Contest: Sounds of Summer

Summe Fun

Take one look at the thermometer or your neighbors dusting off their grills, and it’s pretty clear that summer is right around the corner. And, while it’s easy to recognize the sights, how often do we stop to appreciate the sounds of summer?

So, this summer we’re excited to announce our first annual essay contest—Sounds of Summer! Between the weekends of Memorial Dan and Labor Day, we’re giving you the opportunity to share your story with the Oticon Medical community, and win $500!

We get to hear a lot from you about how the Ponto has helped rebuild the soundtrack of your life through the stories you’ve shared with us on Facebook and Twitter. And, we have to admit, we just can’t get enough of them—we want to hear more from all of you!

So, start thinking! What’s your favorite sound of summer? Do the sounds of crickets on a warm summer night bring back fond memories? Or maybe the sound of a burger grilling in the back yard? How do you experience summer differently now that you have a Ponto?

Here’s everything you need to know about entering the contest:

How do I enter?
We’re going to try and make this as simple as possible – we’ve even got your writer’s block covered. The topic for the essay contest is: “What’s your favorite sound of summer? How do you experience summer differently now that you have a Ponto?”

Answer that question in any form you would like– with a photo, an essay or a video– and send it in to [email protected].

That’s it. You’re entered! All entries should address that question in some way, shape or form. 

If I wrote an essay there a word limit?
Try and keep your entry at 1,000 words or less.

How do I know if you received my entry?
We will send you a quick response letting you know we got your entry.

I’m not a current Ponto wearer.  Am I eligible to enter the essay contest?
Yes, anyone can participate.

What type of format should I send my entry in?
Please send your essay contest entry in a Word Document. Please don’t send a PDF or any other non-editable format. We want to be sure we can copy and paste your text. Also, please use a readable font (for example: Times New Roman, Arial, etc.).

Can I include pictures, links, and videos?
Yes! Feel free to get as creative as you’d like.

Can I submit something that has been published somewhere else?
We are looking for original essays, created specifically for this contest.  Of course, afterward, you’re welcome to publish your entry anywhere you like. If you are a finalist, we ask that you allow the contest to reach its conclusion (when we announce the winner and hand over the cash) before you publish your essay on your own site or blog.

When is the deadline for entry?
All eligible entries must be received by Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 11:30 PM EST. Any entries received after that will not be considered. 

How will the finalists/winner be chosen?
After all of the entries are submitted, finalists will be chosen by the Oticon Medical Team based on a number of criteria — amazing story, clear writing, and adherence to all rules of submission.

Each of those finalists’ essays will be featured here, and we’ll be spreading the word far and wide. After all finalists’ pieces have been shared, we’ll open the public voting for one week. The grand-prize winner will be chosen by the highest number of votes.

How will the voting happen?
Once each finalist story has been featured, we’ll post the link to a voting ballot for all of the essays. Then, you can have your friends, family, coworkers and everyone head on over and vote for you! Each person can only vote once! So spread the word!

If I’m a finalist, how do I get people to vote for my essay?
Share a Facebook post, tweet about it, pin your entry.  We’ll give the specific details on how to vote once all of the finalists’ posts have been featured.

When will the winner be announced and what will they win?
The winner of the Essay Contest will be announced on or around July 1, 2013. He or she will win a $500 visa gift card.

Do you have any additional questions?
Please send us an email. And, remember, the deadline for entry is May 29, 2013.

Help us spread the word! If you’d like to share the contest on Twitter, please use the hashtag #summersounds and mention @OticonMedical.