Daily Archives: May 16, 2013

Children with Bone Anchored Devices– Creating a Supportive World

Last week, Melissa Tumblin, the Founder of Ear Community, posted a photo of her daughter, Ally, with her doll. In the photo, the two are wearing their Pontos together.

When Melissa had the idea to get Ally’s doll a Ponto, she reached out to Oticon Medical. Our team put our heads together to decide what would be best for the fun and supportive idea. Ally’s doll is now sporting a plastic model of a Ponto.

You can see Ally’s photos below. And, if you have a unique idea to help create a more supportive world for your child with a Ponto please let us know. We are all ears when it comes to making the experience around Ponto as great as it can possibly be.