How I Went from Angry to Advocate: Guest Post by Jim Buter

You may have read Jim’s story on the Oticon Medical website. But, there’s nothing like hearing the story directly from the source. Here’s how Jim describes his experience, and his advice to those looking to try a bone anchored hearing system. 

Jim Butler

I’ve counseled over 70 people individually in the last two years, plus many others at user meetings and online groups. When you read my story, you’ll see that a doctor’s error caused my Single-Sided Deafness (SSD). It took me some time to get over that and focus my energy on overcoming my deafness.

Fortunately, my doctor got another user to advise me. When everything eventually worked out well, I made up my mind to help other people like she helped me.

I had my surgery in early May 2010. When I decided to have the surgery, I chose the Ponto. I always tell people who are considering bone anchored hearing systems to do what I did– try both manufacturers. I tried both the Cochlear and the Oticon Medical units on a headband, and I felt that I got more intelligible volume with the Oticon Medical Ponto Pro. Second, I thought it looked much better and was easier to conceal in my hair, which I wanted to do.

Since then, with all the users groups I’ve participated in, I’ve developed a list of many benefits that the Ponto has over others.

In 2011, I acted as a tester for Oticon Medical’s new Ponto Pro Power while it was in development. Because I was a tester, and because I had become very active in their user groups, I got to keep my prototype Ponto Pro Power unit.

I can tell you that the Ponto Pro Power has even better volume and has zero feedback issues– it was a great addition to the Oticon Medical product offering.

As a potential Oticon Medical customer, current user thinking of upgrading or a parent looking for a solution, you can send me any questions you have about surgery, the processors, insurance….whatever, I’ll be pleased to answer them.

If you’d like to contact Jim please let us know in the comments section below, on Twitter or through a personal message on Facebook or by email.

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