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Aaron’s Story, Part I: The Journey to Getting a Ponto

“Well tomorrow’s the big day. I cannot wait to get this process started. I bet when it’s done I will hear noises that I’ve never heard in my whole life. My hearing has always been bad from the time I was six. I just can’t wait.” That was the first thing Aaron told me yesterday over the phone. His excitement radiating through every single word.

“See, right now I can hear the background noise in your office more than our conversation. I even tried to just understand what people were saying through lip reading in the past since background noise is so distracting. That’s just one of the things I won’t have to deal with anymore,” Aaron said.

Aaron Morris won’t have to deal with background noise, poor hearing and countless reconstructive surgeries anymore because today he’ll start the process of getting an Oticon Medical Ponto. This is part one of a three part series based on Aaron’s experience. We will join Aaron throughout his journey– today, the day of his surgery, after his surgery and then on the day that he receives his device. In Aaron’s own words, “If I can get just one person to change their life by encouraging them to get this procedure done, any amount of time and effort would be worth it. Just one person.”


Aaron’s hearing had been gone for a while when he went to the doctor in 2006. He’d always had ear problems, including tubes in both ears when he was little. A specialist worked with Aaron to identify that now he had a bacterial infection affecting his middle ear bone. As the doctor took care of his infection, Aaron’s hearing eventually returned.

Like the old saying goes, not all good things last. With a severe sinus infection, Aaron had lost his hearing again. But this time, he had also developed a hole in his ear drum. Back to the doctor again, in 2008, Aaron had surgery to repair the damage. And, once again, his hearing was somewhat restored.

In April 2009, the unexpected happened. Aaron got into a car accident. The impact of the accident caused Aaron to hit his ear. Because of the trauma, he was forced to go undergo reconstructive surgery. The surgery left Aaron with an equilibrium problem and issues with balancing. Since then, he has never regained his hearing.

Now, Aaron has decided to try a bone anchored hearing system. As his hearing continues to deteriorate, Aaron’s doctor identified the system as the best option. After demoing both products, he felt his clear choice was the Oticon Medical Ponto. Finally, after all of the ups and downs of Aaron’s journey, he’ll be undergoing surgery for his abutment today. As Aaron put it, this is the first step in his journey to hearing again.

“I haven’t heard since 2005, and I’ll hear even better now — probably like when I was young.”

Aaron is looking forward to having conversations with friends and family, going to the symphony and, most importantly, just being able to hear a conversation that’s immediately in front of him and not clear across the room.  “And, my wife will really appreciate it,” he added.

Stay tuned to hear how Aaron’s surgery goes. Aaron will be sharing the second installment of his series later this month. While no one can predict the future as Aaron’s story has so clearly demonstrated, he has a very optimistic outlook. “I don’t know yet, but when I went through testing I was blown away, and they said the real thing would be even better. I can’t even imagine.”

Wish Aaron good luck, give him post-surgery tips or ask him any questions in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter. Aaron will also be sharing his journey through his Twitter and Instagram accounts.