Advanced Technology Makes the Ponto System Easy & Natural

Alison Sabbar explains why and how audiologists and patients can capitalize on the quality and ease-of-use of the Ponto System. In the video below she expands on the following points:

  • Surgery: Minimal techniques are now most common, and patients are extremely satisfied with surgical outcomes.
  • Speech Guard: The Ponto is equipped with technology that helps preserve the natural speech envelope and also offers a feedback manager.
  • User-friendly: The processor has easy-to-press buttons and volume control that’s easy to manipulate.
  • Natural Sound Quality: So many patients tell us that a lot of times they don’t even remember they have it on.

We love the fun fact that Alison shared, did you catch it? The Ponto is designed to look like the ear’s pinna.

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0 thoughts on “Advanced Technology Makes the Ponto System Easy & Natural

  1. Tom Kalinoski

    Hello Oticon crew!

    Since Alison is so thorough in diagnosing which specific Ponto system is conducive to one’s hearing loss, it’s also important for those concerned to connect with patients already using the device.

    It’s amazing how many calls I get from candidates that only get information from their audiologists that is exclusive to Cochlear Bahas.
    So many patients don’t even realize that a more than a century old hearing manufacturer like Oticon also produces these superior processors which in my opinions surpasses all.


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