Be More Bold

Connie Kehoe, a seasoned Oticon Medical Ponto Pro user, explains how taking the steps to improve her hearing was a chance for bold new adventures.

After experiencing 20 years of hearing loss, Connie was ready to overcome to exhaustion of working to hear people in groups and in noise filled environments– including her own grandchildren.

Learn more about the Ponto Plus here. Do you have questions for Connie? Let us know in the comments section below.

1 thought on “Be More Bold

  1. Amy Mackey

    I can’t say enough about the Ponto Plus and Streamer. I have only had it for five days and a whole world has opened up to me from hearing my family, or our chickens cluck, to plugging into my computer and listening to Connie’s story. I had one sided deafness since the age of 17. Now at 53 my “good” ear also developed a cholesteatoma and my awesome surgeon, Dr.Kyle Tubbs, did an implant in September of last year before removing the tumor in November. For three months I had the Ponto and it was a blessing. But now with the Ponto Plus and Streamer, the difference is amazing. There is less feedback, or what I refer to as the elk bugling. My hair doesn’t rustle against it and of course the best part is I can hear. After 36 years…
    Thank-you Oticon Medical for giving me the gift of hearing.


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