Reduced Feedback with The Ponto Plus: Experience the Difference

We triggered sound processors with a recording of different sounds known to cause feedback. Each time a whistling or artificial sound occurred on the recording, it was marked with an orange line. The fewer the lines, the better the feedback system. As you can see, Ponto Plus, with feedback shield, shows a significant improvement compared to other systems.

Ponto Plus Reduces Feedback

To demonstrate the sound quality between the Ponto Plus and other sound processors we have sound clips below, so you can hear the difference for yourself. The first clip is the sound quality of a competitor and the second is the same clip, but heard through the Ponto Plus.

*Note: the quality of your speakers will impact the difference between the two clips.

Other Sound Processor

Ponto Plus

Interested in learning more about how the Ponto Plus reduces feedback and improves clarity? Click here to read more about the sound quality of Ponto Plus. You can also download the Ponto Plus PDF here. 

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