How Does Your Ponto Streamer Work for You?

When we spoke with Ponto Plus user Amy Mackey last week, she shared how she was using the Ponto Streamer for our video chat. She also shared how she’ll be connecting other devices– like her TV– to the Ponto Streamer with add-on accessories. “It’s just stunning, it startles me sometimes, because I’m just not used to hearing this well,” Amy says in the video clip below.

How are you using your Ponto Streamer?

Take a short video (1-5 minutes) telling the world how your Ponto Streamer works for you– you can use your phone, computer or a camera. Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, the comments section below or by email ([email protected]). One lucky participant will get any free accessory of his/her choice!

Submit your video by 5:00pm EST on Friday, May 16 to be considered.

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