Ponto Plus Users Share How They Use the Ponto Streamer

The Ponto Streamer opens the door for new communication possibilities and connections with people, information and entertainment for Ponto Plus users. Today, we wanted to share more information about the Ponto Streamer. Better yet, we also wanted to give you an opportunity to hear from those who know it best— the people who use it every day.

First, let’s dive into what the Ponto Streamer and ConnectLine products are.

ConnectLine is a system that helps you connect to a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications. Simply put, it transforms your Ponto Plus into a personal wireless headset. The Ponto Streamer is your gateway to a range of different electronics. Audio can be transmitted through the Ponto Streamer wirelessly to your Ponto Plus. The Ponto Streamer is worn around the neck and has three buttons for the core applications: phone, TV and microphone.

In short, the Ponto Streamer:
– Turns your sound processor into a headset
– Acts as a remote control for your Ponto Plus
– Connects you to your TV, music, phone and other electronics

ConnectLine Microphone
The microphone is a small, discreet wireless device that can be worn by the person you’re talking to. It helps you in situations where the person you’re listening to might be far away, your surroundings might be noisy, or a combination of both. Here’s a video that shows how easy it is to pair the microphone.

Cell Phone & TV 
Sound from your TV and cell phone can be transferred directly to your Ponto Plus, so it works as a wireless headset. It can connect to a broad range of cell phones with built-in Bluetooth. Here’s a video that shows how easy it is to take a phone call with a Ponto Streamer.

Tele loop systems
Access loop systems in theaters, lecture halls, classrooms and other venues. A push of a button connects you to looped locations. This 20 second video shows how to access a loop system.

Connect the Ponto Streamer directly to your computer. Audio is transmitted directly to your sound processor for easy online conversation and listening. Great for video conferencing!

Here are a few Ponto Plus users who have shared how they’re using their Ponto Streamer.

Angela Sabal
Angela’s daughter Sarah uses the Ponto Streamer at theaters and church.

Most theaters, museums, churches, and other public venues with audio are literally “looped” so that they transmit to telecoils. In the case of the Ponto, they transmit to the telecoil to the Ponto Streamer. As long as the Ponto wearer is within that loop, the Ponto Streamer will pick up the signal when the telecoil is engaged, which just takes a long press of the “aux” button on side of Streamer.

Sarah Hurley
Sarah shares how easy it is to use the Ponto Streamer. In less than one minute she shows how she listens to music, uses Bluetooth and the microphone. Click Sarah’s photo below to see her video.
Sarah Hurley

Amy Mackey
In an interview with Amy, she mentioned that she couldn’t believe how much easier doing an online video call was because of her Ponto Streamer. Naturally, we had to take a moment to have her explain why and how.

Learn more about the Ponto Streamer here. If you’d like to hear this stories first hand, visit our Facebook page or Twitter to meet Angela, Sarah and Amy for yourself!

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