Kristy Smith Meets Her Ear Community in California

In honor of the amazing connections that happen at Ear Community’s Microtia and Atresia Summer Picnics, we’ve asked attendees to share their experiences with you here on our blog. First up we have Kristy Smith.

Enter Kristy


My 14 month old daughter Olivia was born with Microtia and Atresia of her left ear. I came across Ear Community shortly after she was born. The hospital knew absolutely nothing about her condition.  No references or literature. It was a very emotional and confusing time. 

When I got to speak with Melissa over the phone, that’s when I came to ease. She had every answer, advice and encouragement that we needed! We finally got with an audiologist and ENT, the ball is finally rolling! 

All because of Melissa and the Ear Community. 

The California Picnic was amazing! I finally got to meet Melissa and other families. The support group page on Facebook has been an incredible source of communication and education. It is comforting knowing so many other families that are going through the same thing. 

My family and I traveled from Prescott, Arizona to Pleasanton, California! We brought with us Microtia and Atresia support wristbands. We wanted to hand them out as a way to help spread awareness! Everyone seemed really happy to have them. We got to meet with Dr. Roberson, and he answered a lot of questions about Atresia repair. 

I definitely appreciate Ear Community and all that Melissa does for my family! We can’t wait for next year’s picnic!

Want to join in? There are four more picnics coming up between July and August. Next up, we’ll be hearing from Shannon Katuszonek. Stay tuned!

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