The Most Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Bone Anchored Hearing System: Help Others Get BAHS Answers

A couple of months ago we held the first ever Oticon Medical Patient Advocacy Workshop. While events in the past have focused on gathering and getting to know each other, this event focused on bettering the experience for those who need or will need bone anchored hearing systems in the future.

Be the ChangeThe top concern included education for those who were experiencing the world of bone anchored hearing for the fist time. Ponto wearers and families shared that they felt frustrated at the beginning of their journey, because they didn’t get all of the information they needed outright— it took research, time and, in many cases, probing to get answers from professionals. The statement “I wish I would have known what questions to ask” is something that we heard from the group more than once. Kelley Dwyer, an Audiologist who joined our group along with her brother Derek, who got his Ponto Plus and the Ponto Streamer earlier this year, also mentioned that it’d be helpful for Audiologists if patients had more access to information and a set of questions too.

Many people in the group mentioned that they didn’t know that there were options when it came to choosing a bone anchored hearing device. For some, it took years to make the realization and in some cases, it lead to surgery for a new abutment to make a switch.

We’re working to fulfill the needs we uncovered and develop the ideas the group had from the workshop. Today, we’re asking for your help to bring one of those ideas to life.

What’s the Mission?

The mission is to create a comprehensive list of questions that people can print out and bring with them to the Audiologist. This list is dictated by you: the Ponto wearer, a parent, or as a friend of someone who has had an experience with bone anchored hearing.

Your Challenge: Take 5 Minutes to Make an Impact on Someone’s Life

The challenge is so simple, yet incredibly impactful. Share the most important questions you asked or wish you would have asked in the comments section below. Then, share this post with someone you know who could add more to the list.

Be sure to include your name with your question suggestions. We’ll also be featuring those who submitted questions here on the blog.

Here’s an example of a question:

“I wish I would have asked to speak to someone who had tried all of the options I was considering. With only a short demo of each, it would have been a great benefit to hear from someone who was living with one of the options.”

Here’s a post to spread the word and share on your own social networks:

Are you a bone anchored hearing system user or a parent? Here’s a great opportunity to make an impact! #GetBAHSAnswers 

What happens next?

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2 thoughts on “The Most Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Bone Anchored Hearing System: Help Others Get BAHS Answers

  1. Bethany Geldmaker

    Questions to Consider When Talking with Your Audiologist and Physician
    1. Treatment Options
    a. Effectiveness with the patient’s particular problem
    b. Experience in doing this procedure
    c. Efficacy/success of other options?
    d. Impact of co-existing conditions/health issues
    2. Course of treatment
    a. Pre-surgery
    b. Surgery
    c. Placement
    3. Follow up care
    a. Immediate
    b. Long term
    4. Personal care
    a. Hair care
    b. Skin care
    c. Sleeping
    5. Care of equipment
    a. Warranty
    b. Batteries
    c. Maintenance of the Ponto
    6. Support
    a. Support groups
    b. Patient advocates
    c. Other patients within the practice
    7. Finance/insurance
    a. Cost
    b. Insurance coverage
    c. Insurance approval
    d. Additional funding to cover the costs (if any)
    8. Protecting/supporting/enhancing hearing
    a. Social situations
    b. Work
    i. Supports/resources
    c. School/education
    i. Supports/resources
    d. Recreational
    e. Entertainment
    i. Travel
    9. Additional resources
    a. People
    b. Education
    c. Resource sites
    d. Oticon web site
    e. Oticon Blogs

  2. Cindy Mansfield

    I wish I had asked for more trial time with the device. I knew nothing about SSD or BAHA’s so I took the doctors advice.I didn’t know there were different devices. I wish I knew the facebook groups existed.


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