Oticon Medical Hands Over Instagram Account to Tell the World Why #SoundMatters…Here’s What Happened

There are many amazing aspects of life that we often take for granted. Sometimes, we don’t realize how important and amazing our basic senses are until we no longer have their full ability.

Earlier this year at the Oticon Medical Patient Advocacy Workshop, Ponto users and parents shared the sentiment that it’s hard for people who have never experienced hearing loss to understand its impact.

That’s why we handed over the keys. We’ve handed our Instagram account over to Ponto users to help others understand why #SoundMatters from the perspective of those who experience it every day.

People who experience the effects of hearing loss are often the only ones who know how difficult their struggles can be. From a student trying to listen to a college lecture class to a working professional who needs to answer phones for a living – #SoundMatters.

Throughout the campaign, we’ll give our account to a different advocate each week to share their point-of-view and thoughts about why sound matters to them.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the first to take on the Instagram account–  Justin Bays.

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Here’s where you can see what Justin and other Ponto users are posting on Oticon Medical’s Instagram account. You can also read more about Justin’s story here and find out more about the Ponto System here.

2 thoughts on “Oticon Medical Hands Over Instagram Account to Tell the World Why #SoundMatters…Here’s What Happened

  1. hans villa

    How can I participate in this? My two year old has RMA, and I would like to share how awesome his life is, and the difference when he uses his ponto…when he doesn’t yank it away 🙂


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