The Name of the New Ponto-Wearing Oticon Medical Monkey Is…

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to name the new, fun-loving Oticon Medical mascot! We received tons of great suggestions, so you can imagine how difficult it was to narrow it down to just one name.

Now, before we announce the winner, let’s run through some of the honorable mentions. These were suggestions we received that we absolutely loved and deserve recognition.

Most Popular: This name received a number of suggestions.
-Submitted by Gretchen M., Ray N., Julie L., and Bushra A.

Most Inspirational: This name touched our hearts. 
-Submitted by Zahir I.

Knee-Slapping Good: This name had us smiling from ear to ear.
-Submitted by Amber W.

Most Original: This name was simply one-of-a-kind. 
Kikazaru (the name of the ‘Hear no Evil’ monkey)
-Submitted by Noortje B.

And now, it’s time to announce the winner! We’re proud to announce the official name of the new monkey mascot….

drumroll please…

The New Oticon Medical Ponto Monkey


The name Massie, submitted by Ann P., rolls off the tongue and is short for the word mastoid, the bone in which a Ponto is implanted. We are thrilled to welcome Massie the Monkey into the Oticon Medical family and for Massie to join yours too.

Ann is Winslow’s mom, who last year at the age of seven had his second Ponto implanted for bilateral aid. Thank you Ann for a great name suggestion and congratulations! We hope Winslow finds a trusted sidekick in Massie.

Do you want to make Massie part of your family? To purchase call us at 1-888-277-8014 to place an order: $20 plus shipping & handling.

Thank you again to everyone who participated! If you were one of the first 20 submissions, you will receive an email from us soon confirming your Massie monkey delivery.

If you’d like to speak to an Audiologist about getting your own Bone Anchored Hearing System (just like Massie), click here.

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  1. Lorna Ross

    I’d love one for my son but we’re in the UK and I can’t seem to contact on the number given. Will you be selling to the UK soon?


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