Introducing the First Ever Bone Anchored Hearing System Soft Healing Cap

Oticon Medical is pleased to announce the launch of the first soft healing cap on the market.

Soft_healing_cap_3The healing cap is intended to be attached to the Ponto abutment during the soft tissue healing period after a bone anchored implant surgery to hold the dressing in place and act as protective mechanical barrier.

The new soft healing cap is made of a specially selected thermoplastic elastomer material, designed to provide a dampening effect and stay in place if subject to impact. This flexibility allows the healing cap to absorb side forces when exposed to impact, rather than transferring that impact to the abutment, which can happen with a hard healing cap.

The open design of the soft healing cap enables the sound processor to be connected whenever it suits the patient. This ensures the patient always has access to sound.

NOTE: The soft healing cap is designed for all Ponto surgeries, but only fits the Ponto abutment family. 

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For more information, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-277-8014.

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