Oticon Medical Outstanding Advocacy Moments Captured

We’ve seen just about everything come out of the amazing Oticon Medical and healthy hearing community. From Anthony Smith becoming Marvel’s Blue Ear superhero to YouTube videos with hundreds of thousands of views. There’s no doubt, this community is filled with champions.

Here, we’re collecting a living list of outstanding advocacy moments when the love for Ponto was taken to a whole new level!

Kristi Gardner's Sound Matters TattooKristi Gardner’s “Sound Matters” Tattoo

Kristi Gardner shows the world that sound matters with her brand new Ponto-inspired tattoo. “Sound Matters” is Oticon Medical’s tagline, and it’s truly why we do what we do every day.

“As I was waiting for my turn I HEARD an ice cream truck through the walls over the tattoo gun, so last minute change of plans. This is what it inspired. Thanks all to my Pontos!”

Kristi isn’t the only one in her family who loves her Pontos, her daughter Sarah also wears a Ponto Plus.

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Sabal Family Vehicle with Oticon Medical License Plate

Angela Sabal’s “Oticon” License Plate

Angela Sabal and her family take their love for Oticon Medical into high gear with their license plate tribute.

Angela’s talented daughter Sarah wears bilateral Pontos. Angela is an advocate for her daughter and others who are working to find the right solution for their hearing loss, a key voice in the community and the founder of the “BAHA World Hearing” Facebook support group.

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Breck Pipes and his Ponto TattooBreck Pipes’ Ponto Tattoo

Breck Pipes got a permanent Ponto along with his son Winslow. When Winslow, 7-years-old at the time, decided to have abutments placed for his bilateral Pontos, Breck decided to show his support by getting a Ponto of his own (tattooed on his head).

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Odie and Issiah

Jessica Eakright & Issiah’s Dog, Oticon aka “Odie”

“We named our doggy Oticon. We call him Odie though. My son is 8 years old and he thinks it is pretty cool that our dog is named after his Ponto,” Jessica, Issiah’s mom said.

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How do you show your love for your Ponto? Have you seen an incredible advocacy moment that should be captured here? Let us know in the comments section below or share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and we’ll add it to this growing list!

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