Overcoming Distance and Noise: Strategies for Successfully Utilizing FM with the Ponto System with Audiologist Laura Carr

Today, Oticon Medical Audiologist Laura Carr hosted the Audiology Online Webinar “Overcoming Distance and Noise: Strategies for Successfully Utilizing FM with the Ponto System.” Laura discussed FM compatibility with the Ponto Pro and Ponto Plus sound processor families—including how the Oticon Medical Streamer enables FM for Ponto Plus processors. She also talked about connecting to other devices. Her presentation answered many foundational questions around FM systems.

Here’s a recap of the information in Laura’s presentation and other resources for FM information and how-tos. If you would like to watch the full recording of Laura’s presentation, you can find it here.

First, why is FM important?

Many who deal with hearing loss work to overcome three key obstacles: noise, distance and reverberation. Here’s how FM helps with each:

Why FM

FM helps cut through noise and distance by delivering the sound directly to the ear. Reverberation, one of the most common obstacles, usually happens in large spaces such as classrooms, lecture halls, places of worship and theaters. Again, when sound travels directly to the ear, it does not pick up reverberation in the room. 

Linking Ponto Pro to FM Systems and Other Accessories

For FM you need three good parts:

  1. Sound Processor
  2. Transmitter
  3. Receiver

Once those three pieces are in place, you then have to make sure the receiver is compatible with your sound processor and your transmitter. All of the working parts must go together.

As Laura covers in her presentation, the Amigo Family does a great job at demonstrating the variability in FM. The “Amigo R2 BA” was created specifically for the Ponto Pro family. It’s important to note that the “Amigo R2” doesn’t work with the Ponto Pro family, the product name must have “BA” included, which stands for bone anchored.

The Amigo T5, T10, T20, T21, T30 and T31 transmitters are all compatible with the Ponto Pro family. The Amigo Arc and Amigo R5 with induction loop will work with the Ponto with the telicoil in place.

The fitting audiologist or individual with software must define a FM/FM+M program. You should: 

  1. Connect the FM receiver to the Ponto sound processor
  2. Turn On the receiver switch (see table below for instructions)
  3. Press the push button on Ponto to change between programs

Ear level FM Receivers compatible with Ponto processors include:

  • Oticon Amigo R2 BA
  • Phonak MLxS BAHA
  • Phonak MLxi BAHA

In her presentation, Laura reviews the features of receivers and transmitters, including those that are no longer for sale but are still found “out in the wild.”

Audio Adapters

The audio adapter from Oticon Medical has a 3 pin connector and can be connected to Ponto Pro and Ponto sound processors.


The Telecoil from Oticon Medical has a 3 pin connector and can be connected to Ponto Pro and Ponto sound processors. There is no switch on the telecoil. Ponto processors do not have a telicoil built in, because of competing magnetic fields.

Linking Ponto Plus to FM Systems and Other Accessories

The Ponto Plus has a Euro design required for FM use. The Oticon Medical Streamer pin socket at the bottom of the device. There are more receiver options, and you’ll need to select a transmitter that’s compatible with the receiver.

FM receivers which can be used together with Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power are:

  • Oticon Amigo R2 & Oticon Amigo R1
  • Phonak MLxi universal receiver & Phonak Roger X universal receiver
  • Widex universal receiver
  • Comfort Audio DT‐20

The FM receiver is plugged into the bottom of the Oticon Medical Streamer. Then, press the auxiliary button and when the transmitter an receiver are on the same channel.

Connecting to Other Devices

ConnectLine_wheel_white%20streamer_silver%20SPThe Oticon Medical Streamer works out of the box with any Ponto Plus. It pairs automatically to a Ponto Plus that’s within one meter. The Oticon Medical Streamer can be used with devices like cell phones, tablets—even GPS systems. It also connects to the ConnectLine app for easy use.

We have a number of videos that walk through FM and connecting to other devices with the Oticon Medical Streamer like the one below here.

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