What’s the Ponto Plus? Here’s A Four Minute Video That Will Get You In The Know

There’s nothing more powerful than a concise and complete overview of a product—including bone anchored hearing systems. That’s why we put together this four minute video that offers a summary of the benefits and features of the Ponto Plus, the most powerful family of wireless sound processors.

Whether you’re just starting to learn about bone anchored hearing systems, you’re in the process of deciding which device is right for you, or you want others to understand what your Ponto Plus is, this video is a quick and easy tool.

The Ponto Plus offers access to the widest range of wireless options without compromising on power and sound quality. Built on the Inium platform, Ponto Plus features a new powerful transducer, the innovative Inium feedback shield and the latest wireless technology. All in addition to the well know features of Ponto. It has been robustly designed to meet the challenges of everyday activities. So you can enjoy better hearing when you need it most.

Are you interested in taking the next step in your journey to get the best sound quality possible? You can speak to an Oticon Medical Audiologist by clicking here, or we can put you in touch with a Ponto user today when you fill out this simple form.

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