Giving Sound to a 6-year-old Girl in South Africa

Think about how many times in a given day someone says your name, and you instinctively turn to address them.

Lebo Pretty Ndladla, a 6-year-old South African native with Microtia and Atresia and Treacher Collins Syndrome, had never had that experience until recently. Lebo’s mother, Xolisile Mgwenya, came across a nonprofit organization in South Africa called the Give An Ear Foundation. Give An Ear helps children with Microtia and Atresia. The foundation worked with Lebo and her mother and got in touch with the South African Association for Audiologists (SAAA) and worked with Ear Community, here in the United States, to arrange for free hearing tests and programming of donated bone anchored hearing devices.

Lebo and her Oticon Medical Massie MonkeyViola Nwadike, the Founder of the Give An Ear Foundation, was familiar with the Ear Community Organization and knew how Ear Community also helps children born with Microtia and Atresia from all over the world obtain hearing devices.  So, Viola applied on behalf of Lebo in hopes of helping her hear better. Through the help and commitment of both the Give An Ear Foundation and the Ear Community Organization, both nonprofits were able to find help for Lebo, together. The Ear Community Organization and Give an Ear Foundation contacted Tanya Hanekom of the South African Association for Audiologists (SAAA) who made the necessary arrangements for free hearing tests and programming of the donated hearing devices.

This October, Lebo was lucky enough to receive Ponto Plus bone anchored hearing devices and the Oticon Medical Streamer. Lebo traveled to the Lowveld Hearing Center in Nelspruit to get her new Ponto Pluses. Kaylini Naidoo of Oticon Medical traveled from Johannesburg to be a part of this amazing day for Lebo bringing the new Ponto Plus hearing devices, the Oticon Medical monkey who also wears an Oticon Medical Ponto Plus, and some fun treats.

Here’s the video of Lebo hearing her name for the first time.

Little Lebo has that instinct now, and we’re so happy to have played a role in making it happen. You can read the full story of Lebo’s journey on Ear Community.

Are you interested in learning more about the Ponto Plus for your child? Click below and let us know—we can connect you with an Audiologist who can answer your questions.

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