Krissia Comes Home Her New Ponto Plus BAHS with Help from Ear Community

Meet Krissia Lopez Romero, an eight-year-old girl with bilateral Microtia and Atresia. Born in El Salvador, she now lives with her family in Falls Church, Virginia. Because Krissia was born in El Salvador, she does not qualify for Medicaid and her family has been unable to help her obtain hearing devices. In addition to Krissia’s Microtia and Atresia, she also has severe scoliosis and complex heart conditions that limit her activities. In fact, Krissia is due for another heart procedure soon.

Until now, Krissia gets a Ponto Plus Bone anchored hearing deviceKrissia has been able to borrow two bone anchored hearing devices provided by her school along with an FM system. However, the hearing devices must remain at school, and Krissia goes home without her hearing every day. Because of this, communication for Krissia has been a struggle. Her mother, Claudia Romero, worries about her speech development and her safety without the help of hearing devices.

Recently, that all changed for Krissia.

“One of Krissia’s medical professionals helped her apply to Ear Community as Krissia’s family is Spanish speaking only. On October 28, 2015, Krissia was awarded and fit with two brand new Ponto Plus bone anchored hearing devices donated by Oticon Medical through the Ear Community Organization,” explained Melissa Tumblin, Founder of Ear Community. “Thank you to Nicole Benlizar, Krissia’s case manager from Kaiser Permanente of Fairfax County, who was a great help in helping with translating for the family to Ear Community and to Krissia’s audiologists. Thank you to Dr. Colby Glidewell of Kaiser Permanente of Tyson’s Corner hearing clinic for donating her time and services to help fit and program Krissia’s new Oticon Medical bone anchored hearing systems. Thank you especially to Oticon Medical for donating the two new Ponto Plus hearing devices to Krissia. Krissia would not be hearing today and so much better at home and in public if it were not for Oticon Medical.”

Krissia’s case manager, Nicole said, “Thank you a million times. When [Krissia’s] mom called she was literally in tears because it allowed her daughter to hear and see a joy of hope that she never experienced before [outside of the classroom].”

“In following up with Krissia’s family, we are told that Krissia is enjoying wearing her new Ponto Plus hearing devices and that she is more confident at home during family conversations,” Melissa said.

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