Find the Right Hearing Care Professional for You: Oticon Medical’s Customer Service Team Can Help

You may have seen our new page where you can sign up to get help making an appointment with a hearing care professional in your area. We wanted to take a minute to explain why Oticon Medical offers this service, and what it can do for you or someone you know who’s on the journey of finding the best hearing solution possible.

TreatmentWhen most people start searching for hearing solutions, what they don’t realize is that all clinics don’t offer all of the available solutions. In fact, in some cases, people don’t even know what their options are. They only know what the clinic has offered them. From people who weren’t aware of bone anchored hearing solutions at all, to those who thought only one type of bone anchored hearing solution existed, we hear from a lot of people who have been in this situation. If this is your case, you’re not alone!

Some know that there are options, but are only able to demo or try one product. Again, this is based on a specific clinic or hearing care professional’s offering. Oticon Medical has a clinic finder that can help patients find clinics in their area that offer more than one option. But, in cases where technology alone can’t do the job, we also offer support for people who are interested in considering a bone anchored hearing system. When you fill out the information on the “Help Me Make an Appointment” page, an Oticon Medical customer service representative will reach out. He or she will learn about your specific condition, understand exactly where you’re located and make an introduction to a clinic in your area.

“It’s disheartening when we talk to someone who didn’t understand their options early on. That’s why we work with those considering a bone anchored hearing system to find a local hearing care professional who will explore all of their options and offer demos of products. Every person is different, and it’s our mission to help each individual find what works best for them,” explained Beverly Ostrowski, customer service manager at Oticon Medical.

Our customer service team can help you make an appointment with a hearing care professional in your area.

Sign up here, if you’re searching.

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