A Social Story: Ross Wiseman’s Journey of Getting his Ponto Plus Power


Ross Wiseman

Ross Wiseman

Today, we’re delighted to share this great timeline from Ross Wiseman through his own social media posts.

It’s his journey in deciding on and getting the Oticon Medical Ponto Plus Power bone anchored hearing system (BAHS). Through responses from the community and his own evaluation, Ross is happy and hearing great with the Ponto Plus. 

We begin with the wonderful surprise Ross received right before the 2015 Christmas holidays from his community and a local radio station. Enjoy his video here:

January 8, 2016:

“The trial unit is on a band but it’s amazing! I could hear Amie while she whispered to me from my left side. I think when I have the post implanted they said it will be just behind the arm of my glasses.

RossWiseman9Still not sure which unit but they steered me away from the one that doesn’t have a post and connects over the skin to titanium covered magnets attached to the skull under the skin. Because my loss is profound they need as much sound transmission as possible so they want me to go with the device by Cochlear or the Ponto Plus by Oticon Medical. I don’t have to make that decision for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure when the surgery will be. They’ll call in the next week or so with a date. Because it’s an abutment (post) I’ll have to wait 3 months after the surgery before I can use the device. Great day at the Doctors. I can already see how much of a difference this is going to make in my life!”

January 11, 2016:

I would love as much input as possible between people’s experiences with the Baha 5 or Ponto Plus. Features you liked, things you disliked, why you chose the one over the other. Also, I am curious has there been anyone in this group that has upgraded to a Ponto by Oticon Medical. My audiologist is trying to get a Ponto for me to try out but she said on a soft band you won’t notice much difference in the two. I just hate to make the wrong decision. Thanks for all your help and patience.”

After many replies to Ross’ previous post, below is Ross’ conclusion.

January 12, 2016:

“…From all the posts the past couple weeks and seeing other posts on the forum it seems like most are pleased with Ponto Plus and I hear few complaints. I do think that this forum is better to give any answer that an audiologist could give seeing that you live with these devices. When I asked about trying the Ponto Plus she said really they’re all going to sound about the same on a band, but I’m definitely hearing a different story from y’all so thanks!”

February 22, 2016:

“I was given three different dates by the surgery scheduler and have them on my calendar waiting expectantly for ‘that’ call. I got the call this afternoon and I will get my Oticon Medical abutment installed this Thursday!!!!!! We are Borg. Can’t wait to joint the collective. Thanks for all your answers to my questions and moral support since I found out that I was going to be able to do this. After being SSD for 9 years I can’t wait to get my implant, heal up and get attached!”


Ross, after his surgery.

February 25, 2016:

“Looking at this thing I don’t know if they sent me home to convalesce or play hockey. If it’s hockey, I’m wearing this thing a little high on the body. “

February 28, 2016:

“18 hours after my Ponto implant by punch method and I’m feeling great! No headache or nausea. Just feel like I got hit in the head at the site. Only feeling that when I raise my eyebrows or stretch my face. So far so good.”

February 29, 2016:

“Just reporting in. I had my Ponto abutment implanted on Thursday. They gave me a 14mm. My wife always said I had a thick head. I took pain medicine that night and once on Friday morning. After that I haven’t taken anything. I’m sore at the site but have had no other issues. No headaches or nausea. I even worked about 4 hours the afternoon following my procedure. Finally, I think it’s healing well. It’s itching a lot but hasn’t oozed anymore since after Friday. I can’t see the site because of the packing and cap but I’m expecting when I go in on Friday for it to be checked out and cleaned that everything is going well. I was surprised that my doc is waiting to see me until a full week and a day after the procedure. I was thinking they would have me in on Monday to clean it up and re pack it with gauze if needed. Seeing that they did the punch method it just must be less important to be seen sooner. I have seen that even with the other method it being 7-10 days before you go back.

I was told to just leave it packed as they left me and don’t remove the cap until I come back on Friday. I guess I’m all good. Can’t wait to see it Friday.”


Ross is so excited about his new Ponto Plus that will soon be worn on his abutment!

March 4, 2016:

“She’s all mine! Gave the demo device back today. I still have to use it on a temporary band until my abutment fuses with the bone, but today is one step closer!”


Technologies from Oticon Medical

“What an exciting day. When I got home from work my other two accessories had been delivered. The large one connects to the TV. The little one is a remote mic with numerous possibilities of application. The one in the middle is the streamer that comes with the Ponto Plus Power and that makes all the Bluetooth options work with the hearing device on the right. Right now I’m walking around the house listening to music in my head from the tv downstairs. Incredible and the linking of everything took seconds for each device. Super happy with Oticon Medical right now! I didn’t mention it but the device came with a two-year policy at no additional cost that even replaces it one time at 100% if lost or damaged beyond repair. ”

March 11, 2016:

“Last thing about Oticon Medical’s Streamer and accessories. Ok maybe last thing today……these things rock. Yesterday I was working in my garage listening to something “in my head” playing on the tv in our family room. The phone rang and I pushed the button on the streamer and talked with my dad for a bit. When he hung up I went back to listening to what I had playing through the tv. What was cool my cell phone was all the way upstairs in my bedroom sitting on the charger. I couldn’t believe how far the bluetooth connection worked between my phone and my streamer. The connection for the mic is 15 meters from the remote mic to the streamer and the tv streamer is up to 30 meters from the streamer you wear. Also I could keep my good ear open and listen to my kids playing around outside. For years if I put headphones on to listen I felt isolated from everyone. I’m loving being a bionic cyborg and I’m not even attached yet. can’t wait to get snapped!”


March 24, 2016:

It was 4 weeks ago today I was implanted with a Ponto abutment. Soreness around abutment is very minimum and skin is healing nicely. Hoping next week I’ll get to snap on.”


March 28, 2016:


Just got his Ponto Plus.


Ross at his Audiologist’s

“I got snapped today and it’s everything I hoped for! So clear, natural and plenty of volume. Loving my Ponto Plus Power. Dr. Torino, Dr. Leza and the Northside ENT team have been incredible. Dr. Lindzee Weeks from Oticon Medical has been so helpful introducing the product line to my doctor’s office. Thanks to all that have made this possible.”      

“I missed getting video when the doc first attached my device to my abutment but Amie took video of me about minute afterward.”

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