Share Your World on Instagram This Summer!

This summer, we’re getting more active on Instagram, and you can too! We want you to share your story and experience the stories of others, so we’re offering some Instagram tech tips.

Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever.Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-27-08

1. Download and Register
First, download the Instagram App onto your smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded and open the app, you’ll be prompted to create an account. After you create your account, you’ll be directed to this screen.

2. Choose or Take Your Photo
To get started taking your first picture, hit the middle icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Or, you can select a photo from your photo library. Change the orientation of the photo from portrait or landscape by tapping the expand icon (two outward facing arrows) in the lower left hand corner before editing.

3. Change It Up with Filters + Edits
Once you’re happy with the picture, you can enhance it by applying a filter or other effects that are available. Below are a few examples of the number of filters to choose from.

  • Pick a filter for your photo. You can adjust the filter by tapping it once and using the slider control to change the intensity.
  • Click the “Edit” button to use the editing tools and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more.
  • Pro Tip: As you begin learning your filter preferences, you can reorder your filters and even hide the ones you don’t use. To do either, scroll to the very far right of your filters options and click “Manage.”

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4. Share with the world!Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-43-50
Once you have your photo looking the way you’d like, click next to go to the ‘Share’ page. Here, you can select which social network to share the photo on, tag people, and even add a location to the photo. Hit the check mark button in the upper right hand corner and you’re all set.

Pro Tip: Use relevant hashtags with your photos to connect with more users around a similar topic. Check out these great tips to learn how to get started.

4. Connect with Us and Others
Be sure to follow us on Instagram, so we can follow you too! You can find more interesting accounts by touching the search button, which resembles a magnifying glass, on your home screen.

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