What You Need to Know About Zinc-Air Batteries

Zinc-air batteries, like the ones we use in our Oticon Medical Ponto™ bone anchored hearing system, are effective and powerful, but only when used correctly. Many wearers don’t know all the in-and-outs of maximizing their battery life leading to frustratingly short spans between replacing batteries and other issues. For instance, did you know:

  • Zinc-air batteries require air exposure to function (hence the “air” in the name)
  • As soon as you remove the tab over the airholes, the battery activates. So if you pull off the tab and leave it lying around for hours, days, or longer, the battery will run out of charge before you even put it into your device
  • After you remove the tab, you should wait five minutes before inserting into your device so it fully activates and provides all the voltage of which it is capable for as long as possible
  • Sealed zinc-air batteries typically last approximately two years if stored correctly. This means keeping them at an optimal room temperature of no higher than 77º degrees F and no lower than 50º degrees F, in a dry environment. Note that storing them in the refrigerator will not extend their life—in fact, it will very likely damage them beyond usability
  • You should not carry your batteries around loose, as clanging against other metallic objects can damage them (e.g., coins, car keys, etc.)

If you find yourself in need of more batteries, you can order them directly from us! Please contact our Customer Service Team at 888.277.8014 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm ET) or send an email request to [email protected] anytime. Make sure you include your Ponto model (Ponto 4, Ponto 5 Mini, Ponto 5 SP) in your email so we send you the correct battery size for your device.

Members of Oticon Medical Friends can also order online via the Online Shop. Click here to register: Register to Use Online Shop

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