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Humidity Issues and How to Combat Them

As the summer months arrive, so does the hot, humid weather. You may want to consider how this can affect the function of your Ponto™ processor.

Your processor is vulnerable to environmental changes like increased humidity in the air or condensation caused by moving between air-conditioned interiors and extreme heat outside.  While the Ponto 5 family of processors have an IP rating of 57 when the battery is in the processor, it is still important to consider ways to minimize exposure or combat the effects of moisture.

Warning signs of moisture issues include the following:

  • Your processor’s sounds are distorted or staticky
  • Your processor works intermittently or cuts in and out
  • You see corrosion in the battery compartment or around the battery
  • You feel that your batteries are not lasting as long as they normally do

 Can you help prevent moisture issues?

You can start by developing good processor cleaning and care habits. If the processor comes into contact with sweat, rain, or moisture, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. The Ponto Care™ app, available for iPhone® and Android™ users, provides helpful information on the proper care and maintenance of your device. For example, avoid storing your processor in the bathroom where it could be affected by humidity from showers or baths.

How can I help reduce moisture that may be in my Ponto?

Drying systems are an easy and effective way to reduce moisture that may accumulate in your processor due to normal usage, rain, or living in areas with high humidity.

There are two main types of systems. The first is considered passive; this uses desiccant, much like the packs that you find in vitamin bottles. These are typically called, “jar dryers” and contain the desiccant beads that can be “recharged” by putting them in the oven or microwave. You simply put the processor in the jar without a battery and close the lid. Jar dryers are great for travel, camping or when you do not want to use electricity.

The second type is an active dehumidifier. This type also has a desiccant pack or puck but adds in a fan to circulate air. These “box dryer” systems can also have a UV-C light that acts as a germicide. Box dryers more aggressively reduce moisture from your Ponto processor. Again, you can put your processor in the dryer without a battery and turn the dryer on. The box dryer will typically run through a cycle that lasts between 6-8 hours. You can feel comfortable using these types of drying systems every night and as your storage case overnight.

Use your bone anchored hearing system all summer long

Wherever your adventures take you this summer, make sure your Ponto processor keeps up with you by following some simple care and maintenance steps. With a little care and common sense, you can continue enjoying the sounds you love regardless of the season.

About the author

Nicole Maxam, AuD CCC-A is part of the Auditory Technical Services team at Oticon Medical. She has been an audiologist for over 17 years and has experience with providing patients with hearing aids and implantable solutions.

Quick Tips: 3 Handy Tips for Ponto Users from Ponto Users

One the best parts about Ponto users is their creativity and willingness to share their experiences with the community. So, we asked you for your best tips for new Ponto users, and here are three of our favorites from this week!

moistureSue Booth suggests a drying pot to keep Pontos in good working condition and moisture free. “Great for any climate, hot or cold, and handy for a little forgetful head spraying in the shower. Just take the battery out and leave the battery door open and pop inside,” Sue says. “You don’t have to buy expensive ones, mine has little tablets that soak up the moisture and changes to white when used so you know it’s time to change them. It’s also great to keep your Pontos safe over night as you sleep and less likely to lose them.” You’ll find more helpful tips for keeping you and your Ponto in top shape in this full Ponto care guide.

ponto and cell phonesHave you ever wondered about how Ponto works with cell phones and landlines? Alice Baker did– she asked: “Does Ponto Pro Power give feedback when using a cell phone and landline phone?” We let Alice know that all Ponto sound processors are fully compatible with mobile phones and wireless landline phones, so you can enjoy mobile communication without fear of noise or distortion. Now you know too! You can learn more about phone compatibility here.

Insurance Like many others, Karen Rodriguez had to do some ground work to get her insurance to cover her Ponto. Karen has had SSD since she was very small, and she had tried hearing aids and got undesirable results. Even though she was a perfect Ponto candidate, she still had to work to get covered. We connected Karen with our US Insurance support team. They were happy to assist Karen, who will now have her surgery in less than a week. Our insurance support team will be happy to support you too!

All of these quick tips and more can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Your posts help guide people through what can be a hard decision and a life-changing process. If you have a quick tip suggestion please leave it in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to share next week. And, keep your posts coming, they are quite literally changing people’s lives!

Personalizing Your Ponto: Tips from A Pro

You may know Tebora Mckinney if you like our Facebook Page. Tebora caught our attention with her beautiful personalized Ponto designs. Now, she’s sharing pro tips for you to play with the look of your Ponto. Here are Tebora’s tips– she’s a real pro as she re-decorates her Ponto as often as every other day to coordinate with her nursing uniform and formal attire.

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The first step in personalizing your Ponto is finding the right supplies. Tebora suggests Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. She points out that any arts and crafts stores will have the supplies you’ll need. So, what are you looking for? You’re looking for things that you can stick onto your device and come off without it affecting it in any way. Tebora finds that many of the items at the craft store have an easy to stick on backing that does not leave residue.

To prep your device for customization, Tebora offers three simple steps:
1. Take your battery out.
2. Lay your device on something soft as to not press it against a hard surface– try a pillow.
3. Avoid touching the back of the device.

“You don’t need to use much force. Just peal off the backing and lightly stick your accessory or sticker onto your device,” Tebora said.

Personalizing your device just takes a few moments. In a matter of minutes you can transform the look of your Ponto and turn it into your best accessory. Tebora finds that often times, people don’t even realize her Ponto is a hearing device. She’s been told, “That’s a beautiful hair piece.” She’s even taken her personalization to the next level by altering her hats to fit around the device. 

Tebora suggests that sports fans capitalize on decorations for favorite teams. “Football, basketball– whichever sport, fans can buy design stickers. You could even decorate with a favorite player’s number.” But, just be aware of what kind of stickers you’re buying. Some can leave residue, which can be removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol (but we all know how pesky sticker residue can be).

“Get creative and start today! St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are coming up, use special occasions and holidays as themes. Look at what going on with style trends and make your Ponto one of your best accessories.”

Have a question for Tebora? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. Need inspiration? Check out our personalized Ponto board on Pinterest.

Do you want to make sure that you’re taking great care of your Ponto? Click here for the full Ponto Care Guide. This guide includes the information that you need to know to keep the implant and abutment area healthy. It also includes 7 good habits to develop.