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Quick Tips: 3 Handy Tips for Ponto Users from Ponto Users

One the best parts about Ponto users is their creativity and willingness to share their experiences with the community. So, we asked you for your best tips for new Ponto users, and here are three of our favorites from this week!

moistureSue Booth suggests a drying pot to keep Pontos in good working condition and moisture free. “Great for any climate, hot or cold, and handy for a little forgetful head spraying in the shower. Just take the battery out and leave the battery door open and pop inside,” Sue says. “You don’t have to buy expensive ones, mine has little tablets that soak up the moisture and changes to white when used so you know it’s time to change them. It’s also great to keep your Pontos safe over night as you sleep and less likely to lose them.” You’ll find more helpful tips for keeping you and your Ponto in top shape in this full Ponto care guide.

ponto and cell phonesHave you ever wondered about how Ponto works with cell phones and landlines? Alice Baker did– she asked: “Does Ponto Pro Power give feedback when using a cell phone and landline phone?” We let Alice know that all Ponto sound processors are fully compatible with mobile phones and wireless landline phones, so you can enjoy mobile communication without fear of noise or distortion. Now you know too! You can learn more about phone compatibility here.

Insurance Like many others, Karen Rodriguez had to do some ground work to get her insurance to cover her Ponto. Karen has had SSD since she was very small, and she had tried hearing aids and got undesirable results. Even though she was a perfect Ponto candidate, she still had to work to get covered. We connected Karen with our US Insurance support team. They were happy to assist Karen, who will now have her surgery in less than a week. Our insurance support team will be happy to support you too!

All of these quick tips and more can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Your posts help guide people through what can be a hard decision and a life-changing process. If you have a quick tip suggestion please leave it in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to share next week. And, keep your posts coming, they are quite literally changing people’s lives!

Quick Tips: 3 Handy Tips For Ponto Users

One the best parts about Ponto users, is their creativity and willingness to share their experiences with the community. So, we asked you for your best tips for new Ponto users, and here were three of our favorites!

1. Be Patient

PatienceYou might not realize it, but it takes a little time for Ponto users—and their friends and family—to adjust to all the new sounds they’re hearing. Clarice Henning Dalton reminds us to be patient as adjust to life filled with sounds. Great insight, thanks Clarice!

2. Give Yourself Reminders

Post ItWhile it may take some time for you to adjust to all the wonderful new sounds you’re hearing, one thing many Ponto users have appreciated, is how quickly you forget you’re even wearing one! This great, until, as Violetta E. Navas pointed out, you forget to take it off before hitting the shower! She suggests sticking up a reminder in the bathroom—great idea! Thanks Violetta!

3. Keep It Clean

Cotton SwabsIt probably goes without saying it’s important to keep your Ponto and the abutment site clean, but actually doing this may feel a bit awkward at first. Lyn Kolstern offers up a simple approach, using everyday cotton swabs to clean around the abutment, and to apply ointment in just the right spots. We love the simple approaches with everyday household items! Thanks Lyn!

Thanks to all our Facebook friends for all the great ideas! If you have any you’d like to share your ideas, we’d love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter.