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The sweetest sound for both mother and daughter

We’re thrilled to share a sweet and inspiring moment between mother and daughter as Teyana Gladden hears her own voice—and her mother’s—clearly for the first time, thanks to a Ponto softband.

Her mother, in awe, mentioned, “She’s talking softer”. To comfort her, Teyana whispers in her new heard voice, “It’s ok mama”.

You can read more about Teyana in this heartwarming story from The Daily Mail, and see the video of Teyana’s first moments of clear hearing. The video quickly went viral and we can see why!

We’re wishing all the best to Teyana and her family!

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Day Care Center Shows Bone Anchored Hearing Support with ‘Rock the Headband’ Day

As a child, wearing a headband that everyone else doesn’t have to wear can be a challenge. That’s why one day care center went out of their way to show support and encouragement for Isaac Auld, an 18-month-old with Microtia and bilateral conductive hearing loss.

Pediatric audiologist Dr. Kelley Dwyer, first featured on Oticon Medical and Ear Community for her passion to help her brother Derek, shared with us the inspiring story of Isaac and the day care that above and beyond to support Isaac.

See the pictures of Isaac and the other children participating in “Rock the Headband” day below.

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