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A Living List of Apps for Children & Adults with Hearing Loss

Melissa Tumblin, Founder of Ear Community, shared this great list of mobile apps for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. The spreadsheet was created by an audiologist, Tina Childress. Like many of you, Tina is a wife, mother and she’s experienced her own hearing loss. To view the spreadsheet click below. Here are a few pointers to help you navigate through this valuable information:

  • Start on the “welcome” tab to understand how the apps are chosen and categorized.
  • Click through each tab of the spreadsheet to see the list of apps for that category.
  • To find out more about an app, click on the cell with the app’s hyperlink. You’ll then have the option to “go to link;” click the link.
  • Clicking the link will take you to the application’s information page on iTunes.com. Here, you can see screenshots of the app, read more about it and even view in iTunes where you can download the application. You can also search for the app in the App Store and download it directly to your phone.
  • This list is dedicated to iPhone apps right now, but Tina mentioned that she hopes to compile a similar list for Android phones very soon.

Helpful Resources and Applications

Click on the image above or here to see the full spreadsheet.

You can find more information on the list from Tina here.

Do you know of a great app? Let us know in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s help Tina grow this incredible list.